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A primary function of our switchable technology is to provide privacy, and there is no better way to compliment this than by using glass with sound insulating properties. In environments which necessitate audio privacy, this technology provides you with the ability to provide sound insulation without having to compromise on style or effect.

Available for corporate, commercial and residential applications, our sound insulating Acoustic Switchable Glass works well in a range of places. Used in warehouses or a factory, this technology can help to reduce the sound emitted from heavy machinery, as well as the loud noises often experienced in warehouse environments. This is ideal for corporate applications that require a separation between an office and factory environment, keeping those loud noises out of the office space.

The corporate applications do not end there - sound insulating Switchable Glass is perfectly placed in a standard office environment, creating total privacy both visually and audibly, making it suited to meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms - environments where you wish to keep sound in.


Commercial applications sees this special glass work well in the service sector, such as opticians, car showrooms or even spas / salons. The perfect way to protect your customer's privacy, this solution helps you avoid distractions and disturbance. On the residential front, sound insulating Switchable Glass provides a fantastic way to create an environment of isolation, the ultimate shut off from the outside world, ideal for homes near busy roads or loud environments.

Our sound insulating Acoustic Glass is available in ToughenedLaminate or Double Glazed switchable options, making it a versatile privacy solution. Along with this, it also boasts many of the benefits that come with our standard switchable glass options, such as functioning as a projection screen.

Standard sizes of this glass measure at either 10.8mm or 12.8mm in thickness, comprising of a sound insulating inter-layer, sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass, integrated with switchable PDLC technology. Our sound insulating acoustic switchable glass can also meet your requested dB ratings, making it compliant in Noise Reduction Rating standards.


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