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Transparent Touch Screens

Transparent LCD screens with multi-touch IR technology

Transparent 1080p/4K touch screens for shopfitting and integration (24/7 applications)

If you’re looking for a compelling and engaging solution that goes beyond the traditional touch display, a transparent touch screen is the answer. Transparent touch screens bring two innovative technologies together to create a cutting edge display that is hard to ignore.

At its heart, the transparent LCD screen delivers HD or 4K images (depending on screen size) just like a standard professional display. The key difference is that the screen substrate is clear: white pixels appear fully transparent, black ones opaque. And the full range of RGB colours in between have semi-transparent properties that can be used to great creative effect with the content you design.

Add to that our infrared multi-touch frames to allow viewers or presenters to interact with your content, and the result is a transparent touch screen that will attract, engage, entertain and wow your audience like no other display solution.




Infrared 6 point multi-touch displays

Integration into display furniture

Includes display, media board & cables

Integration into appliances/vending

Designed for integration into your own housing

Store window displays

Transparent screen with wide viewing angles

POS/POP displays

Portrait or landscape orientation

Trade shows & product launches

Bespoke display cases available

Museums & visitor attractions

Transparent LCD technology requires a separate backlight, usually achieved by building the screen into the front of an enclosed cabinet containing strong white LED lighting. The screen is around 15% transparent, so the lighting inside the cabinet needs to be around 6-7 times brighter than the light on the viewing side.

Retail windows, interactive booths, digital signage, events & exhibitions, display cases, interactive games, vending machines, drinks coolers… the uses for transparent touch screens are limited only by your creativity.


Standard Multi-Touch Transparent LCD Screen Sizes

Diagonal (16:9 High Definition Screens) / Interactive Transparent LCD with clear protective glass fascia
32"✔42"✔47"✔55"✔65" 4K✔70"✔84" 4K✔


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