Transparent LCD Display Cases

Custom housings for our range of transparent LCD screens

Transparent LCD Display Cases offer exciting new ways to engage your audience.

The HD LCD technology combined with a transparent screen substrate opens up creative avenues that have never been an option with traditional LCD screens. Presenting solid black pixels on a transparent background can offer intriguing ways to deliver visual information to your audience, being used to reveal or conceal whatever is behind the screen.



As part of a transparent showcase, these screens can also be granted touch capability by combining them with touch foils or touch frames, to add an interactive element to your installation. This creates a very powerful impact when the content on screen integrates with real life objects behind the screen, encouraging viewers to interact on a level that will exceed expectations.

The uses for this technology are limited only by your imagination. Retail windows, interactive booths, display cases, interactive games, vending machines, drinks coolers, this list goes on.

We can manufacture bespoke housing for our range of transparent LCD screens, which includes display cases, counters, POS displays, exhibition stands, furniture and cabinets. Other solutions include incorporating transparent displays into fridges, appliances and vending machines.


Specifications & Typical Applications

Full integration into bespoke housings & furniture

Exhibitions and trade shows

Custom designs and finishes

Retail POS & POP displays

Includes transparent display, media board & cables

Product launches & events

Screen sizes range from 23” to 86” diagonal

Integration into appliances & vending machines

Transparent HD 1080p and 4K UHD displays

Museums & visitor attractions

Portrait or landscape orientation

Attention grabbing digital signage screen

Standard Screens Sizes

Diagonal (16:9) - Transparent LCD Display Cases- WhiteMulti-Touch Transparent LCD Display Cases






65" 4K✔✔

86" 4K✔✔


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