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LCD Touch Kiosk

Freestanding digital signage kiosks with multi-touch technology

High definition 1080p commercial grade portrait touch kiosk designed for 24/7 applications

Our intouch Interactive Digital Signage Touch Kiosk is designed for areas with heavy footfall providing access to information, entertainment and commerce applications. The touch kiosk comes complete with HDMI / VGA connections allowing you to connect to any PC or Laptop while the integrated multi-touch transforms your finger into the mouse making any content touch capable.

intouch kiosks are manufactured with a toughened glass fascia, making it suitable as a Digital Signage or Information Terminal solution in public environments. And the integrated timer allows you to assign daily or weekly schedules automatically powering down the kiosk when not in use.

This portrait display offers users, customers and audiences an opportunity to view and engage with chosen information or content, assisting with communicating your brand message, increasing footfall, increasing sales in a self service kiosk application and improving the overall sales experience. A well placed quality kiosk can make the difference, offering your audience a memorable and effective journey.

Custom branding allows you to include your company’s logo and colour theme as part of the display, enforcing your brand message and helping your store stand out from the crowd.




Infrared 6 point multi-touch displays

Hotels & reception areas

Freestanding slimline design

Car showrooms & information points

Protective glass fascia & integral speakers

Travel agents & financial institutions

42” or 55” HD 1080p portrait screen

Museums & visitor attractions

Choose a coloured fascia or full colour logo/graphics

Airports, bus & rail stations


Standard Interactive Digital Signage Kiosks Sizes

Diagonal (9:16) SizeFeatures
42" Multi-Touch Kiosk

1080pIntegrated PCWith custom graphics / corporate branding

55" Multi-Touch Kiosk1080pIntegrated PCWith custom graphics / corporate branding


WE ALSO OFFER Branded Digital Signage Advertising Kiosk’S

Custom branded Digital Signage Kiosk with built-in media player

HD commercial grade advertising kiosk designed for 24/7 applications


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