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Mirror TV Screens

Highly reflective optical mirror glass screen with built-in smart TV

A TV that looks like a mirror

When the Magic Mirror TV is switched on, the enhanced HD quality images magically appear through the glass surface. When switched off, the Mirror Screen TV surface reverts back to a decorative mirror

Mirrorvision mirror TV / PC screens, also known as Smart Mirrors or Magic Mirrors, have a unique optical glass surface (lens) that enhances the picture quality of the LCD / LED panel.

To create this special TV that looks like a mirror, cutting-edge ‘Reflections’ technology is used to transform the Magic Mirror into a TV screen that displays images magically through the optical mirror TV glass. When the display device is switched off, the MirrorScreen TV surface reverts back to a normal mirror.



Download the TV Mirror Designer Frames brochure & choose

Mirrorvision Smart Mirror TVs come with a choice of standard decorative frame designs to suit any contemporary or traditional interior (optional custom frames available). A Mirror Screen TV has a blackened out video border backpainted onto the rear of the mirror glass, with a cutout for the screen of the TV behind. Coloured backpainting options are available upon request.

We offer customers a choice from a range of TVs (makes and models) utilising either LCD or LED technology. Standard screen sizes range from 32”-75” diagonal (custom sizes available up 98” diagonal). A Mirrorvision® mirror screen TV helps to transform any space, allowing the screen to become an integral part of any room’s décor.


Standard screen sizes 32”–40” (HD) and 49”–75” (4K)

Designer home interiors

Other screen sizes & resolutions available

Home theatre / entertainment

'Standard tint' or 'High reflective tint' finish available*

Hotels / restaurants / cafes

Choose from a range of decorative frames or frameless option

Nightclubs / bars / health clubs

Custom oversized or shaped mirrors available

Fashion stores / changing rooms

Incorporating only high quality TV brands

Hair / beauty salons

*Our ‘Standard Tint’ Magic Mirror is recommended for applications where optimum screen image quality is required, whilst ‘High Reflective tint’ is recommended for applications for optimum mirror effect.




Standard Mirrorvision Magic Mirror TV Sizes

Screen Size- Diagonal (16:9) / Resolution

32" / 1080p

40" / 1080p

49" / 4K

UHD55" / 4K

UHD65" / 4K

UHD75" / 4K UHD



Mirror TV Overlays for your existing TV’s

A Mirror TV Overlay converts any existing TV or monitor into a mirrored screen

When the TV is switched on the enhanced HD / 4K quality images magically appear through the glass surface and when

switched off the TV Mirror Glass reverts back to a decorative mirror.

Our Mirror TV Overlays comes as a simple to install kit and when installed, magically transform the screen into a mirror! Available as a framed or frameless solution, the mirror TV overlay integrates perfectly with any modern or traditional interior.

The overlays are suitable for use with any LCD or LED display and come complete with a permanent or removable fix.


Mirror Advertising Screens

Mirrored advertising screens for both portrait or landscape applications

Commercial grade mirrored advertising screens with built-in media player (plug & play)

Our Mirror Advertising Screen is a popular choice for customers looking for a Digital Signage screen with a difference.

The screens come complete with a framed or frameless Mirror Overlay meaning the display integrates perfectly with any modern or traditional interior and when turned off, the screen disguises itself as a mirror!

Professional Mirror Displays

Commercial grade displays for commercial applications

Mirror vision mirror retail displays combining a highly reflective mirror with a commercial grade HD / 4K screen.

Engage your customers like never before with a Professional Mirror vision Display. As a screen that also functions as a mirror, this incredible technology boasts a commercial grade HD / 4K screen, ideal for 24/7 use, meaning your space can still be productive even when you’re not there.

This product is perfect for retail changing rooms, toilets & restroom mirrors or even car showroom displays, giving your space a real sense of class.

Rear Projections Mirror Screens

Rear Projection Mirror Screen with optical mirror glass fascia

On this rear projection mirror screen, when the projector is switched on, the enhanced high definition images magically appear through the glass surface and when switched off, the screen reverts back to a decorative mirror.



Mirror Video Walls

A Mirror Video Wall offers your environment a cutting-edge interior design style that is hard to match. Not only will this incredible mirrored video wall display technology help to make your space look bigger – as an inherent feature of using mirrors in design – but it also allows you to make the most use of this space by displaying advertising and information.


Interactive Touch Screen Mirror

Mirrorvision multi-touch displays designed for retail application

Commercial grade retail mirror touch screen display monitors with multi-touch IR technology.

Our Interactive Mirror comes complete with an HD or 4K commercial grade screen, Mirrorvision optical glass, plus intouch 6-point multi-touch.

Interactive Mirrors are a frameless solution, ready to integrate into both modern and traditional interiors. They’re perfect for retail changing rooms, exhibition display stands, branded merchandising themes, car showrooms and so much more.

The advantages of Interactive Mirror displays are vast, offering customers, visitors and users a unique and innovative experience whilst serving its intended function. From engaging games to product selectors, the applications of a high quality mirror display are vast, allowing audiences to interact with the images being shown on screen. The uses of this alone serves a wide range of retail and service requirements, from interactive changing room mirrors, to salon / makeup mirrors.



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