Transparent LED Screen

Transform your windows or glass facades into a dynamic video advertising screen

A retrofit transparent LED screen solution that fits in behind any windows or glass wall to create an amazing video screen without blocking the view. The smart holo-effect LED display provides a minimalist solution with a modular design that will work in any environment. 



Our LED Screen offers an effective and striking alternative to Large Format LED Screens. The image on the screen is created by programming LEDs to work together, and by displaying the relevant pixel colour on the mapped LEDs, the lights come together to create an image. This effect is especially powerful when integrated into a glass facade, allowing designers to offer a screen solution for retail buildings with a focus on glass architecture without detracting from the overall design.

A Transparent LED Screen is also ideal for indoor window displays and are commonly used for reinforcing a brand. To advertise or to inform, these screens are an excellent option for anyone who wishes to display content in style without blocking out light or the view on both sides.

This transparent screen opens up new creative options that were not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens.


These screens offer a more practical option when compared to many display alternatives, especially considering the modular composition of large format applications.

This allows for enormous screens that could compete with the likes of LCD video walls in size, but drastically overshadows them in terms of brightness.

It’s inherent transparency offers a refreshing and ideal solution for hi-tech environments, dazzling audiences and spectators with the creative use of such technology, ensuring that your business, brand or message will not only be taken notice of, but hard to forget also.


Transparent LED Screen Specifications

Specifications & Typical Applications

Module sizes - 1000 x 500mm or 500 x 375mm

Windows, glass walls & facades

Pixel Pitch - 3.9 x 7.8mm or 7.8 x 7.8mm

Corporate buildings & offices

Transparency up to 85%

Retail stores & shopping centres

Brightness - 5000 cd/m²

Stadiums & arenas

Viewing angle 160 °Hotels & airports

Software & control system included

Car showrooms