Soundpod Surface Vibration Speaker

Soundpod Surface Vibration Speaker turns any surface into a loudspeaker – including glass!!

A small and unobtrusive audio transducer, creating the ultimate invisible surface sound source

Soundpod Surface Vibration Speakers use surface sound technology to transform almost any solid resonant surface into an audio speaker. Resonant surfaces include glass, wood and plasterboard, offering the ultimate invisible sound source.



Our next generation Soundpods are small and unobtrusive, attaching to the surface with either adhesive tape or screws. Soundpods work through an energising principle, sending frequency waves across both sides of the activated surface, making it a fantastic surface speaker solution. This produces a non-directional, diffused sound that evenly fills the area. Simply attach the device to almost any surface – imagine turning a store window into a speaker, capturing the attention of passers by and delivering that all important message direct to their ears.

Each Soundpod kit comes complete with adhesive pads for installation to glass or plexiglas, acrylic mounting disc for installation to wood, MDF and plasterboard walls, speaker cable / connectors and Soundpod sticker!

Ideal for an extremely wide range of applications, Soundpod offers an incredibly unique solution to many difficult projects, allowing you to add sound to your space or displays without having to compromise on style or space.


Specifications & Typical Applications

Complete with fixing kit & cables

Invisible non-directional sound source

Suitable for any rigid surface – wood, glass, acrylic, plasterboard & MDF

Window displays

Max power: 20 watts RMS

Offices & meeting rooms

Impedance: 8 ohms

Retail stores & POS displays

Frequency range: 100Hz to 15KHz

Furniture & display cases

Size: 51 x 22mm & weight: 152 grams

Museums & visitor attractions

Amplifiers available

In-Wall Speakers


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