Indoor SMD LED Display Screen

Modular full colour LED display screens for indoor applications

High brightness, full colour surface-mount indoor LED screen for large format video displays



Our indoor LED screen is manufactured using the highest quality LED components, offering stunning brightness, contrast and colour reproduction.

Specifications & Typical Applications

Pixel pitch (resolution) from 1.5mm to 10mm

Stadiums & arenas

Premium grade surface mount (SMD) LEDs

Exhibitions & conferences

Highest quality components within the industry

Schools & universities

Superior resolution and wider viewing angles than DIP LED screens

Airports, bus & rail stations(CE & UL approved)

3 year comprehensive warranty

Museums & visitor attractions

Prices include modular LED screen, control system and basic operating softwareIndoor digital advertising

NB – both fixed LED screens and rental screens available


Standard Indoor SMD LED Display Screen Size

Pixel pitch (resolution) (mm) / Indoor SMD LED


The smaller the pixel pitch (distance between each pixel) the higher the resolution and closer the viewer can be stood to the screen. Each of our indoor LED screens are shipped in module format allowing you the flexibility to create screens of any size.

Options for front or rear service access are available depending on your installation.

Ours indoor LED screen is manufactured to strict quality standards and come complete with free spare parts and a 3 year comprehensive warranty.