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We offer supply and installation of our complete smart glass partition systems for your home or business. 

Our electric smart glass partitions can utilise any of our incredible I-GLASS solutions. We can manufacture panels up to 1500mm wide x 5000mm high! 


We can even join our I-GLASS TOUGHENED and I-GLASS LAMINATED glass panels side by side with clear silicone joints to form beautiful vast glass walls with no vertical frames between the glass panels. 



The I-GLASS can have exposed polished edges for a frameless effect with just top and bottom tracks for an elegant and stylish WOW factor.


If you need a glass partition for a shower or en suite then our i-glass laminated is the perfect solution offering waterproof features.

Doors have can have patch fittings as we can cut holes in our smart glass to suit (not for bathroom/shower/ensuite doors - these will need full surround door frames ) 


If you already have glass in place then we can apply our stunning SMART I-FILM to the glass giving you the same effect with total privacy in less than a second using our I-REMOTE.