Designer Advertising Screens

Slimline Digital Signage Screens with decorative frame

Designer Advertising Screen with protective glass fascia, surround & decorative frame

Our slimline LCD Designer Advertising Screen with a choice of frame integrates well with a wide range of design themes.

Crafted to fit well with both traditional and contemporary interiors, this slimline display is perfect for advertising, informing or entertaining, making it the ideal choice for a variety of applications including reception areas, information points and retail stores to name a few.



Available in portrait and landscape orientation, both custom sized and over sized options with an optional wall mount, this Designer Advertising Screen is manufactured with an HD resolution and a protective glass fascia, meaning it excels in public display applications.

With a built-in HD media player, and plug and play USB connection, content can be loaded easily onto the screen’s internal memory.

The advantages of this screen are numerous, from it’s slimline design to its display specifications, this product excels in a wide range of applications without taking up too much of that all important space.

Stylish, sleek and slimline, a Designer Advertising Screen offers much more than many digital signage alternatives.

Specifications & Typical Applications

HD Resolution

Reception Areas

450 cd/m2 brightness

Information points

Choice of surround / decorative frame

Hotels, bars & clubs

Integrated Android Network Media Player

Retail stores

USB Plug & Play

Airports, bus & rail stations

Landscape or portrait orientation

Museums & visitor attractions

Standard Slimline Digital Signage Advertising Screen Sizes

Diagonal (16:9) / Digital Signage Screen






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