Art SpeakerS

Slimline canvas Speaker Art with surface vibration technology

Hide your loudspeakers behind your favourite artwork by combining them with Speaker Art

Our new Speaker Art is a new type of loudspeaker employing surface vibration technology. The resonant modes of an acoustic panel are optimally excited by a transducer (exciter) to deliver a remarkable, diffuse sound field over a wide audio frequency bandwidth.


The Problem with Traditional Speakers

Traditional loudspeakers create a directional sound wave so their placement is critical; they are not flexible to the aesthetics of a space. To fill a room with even sound, the only option has been to use several speakers or larger speakers.

Surface Vibration Technology

Our ‘Surface Vibration’ technology does not work on the same principle. It radiates sound through vibration, just like the violin or guitar that creates its rich acoustic sound through vibration of the instrument’s body. The benefit of creating a sound wave through vibration is that, like daylight, it fills every corner of the room; therefore the positioning of the speaker is far less critical, so they can be placed where they look good. More importantly, virtually the entire room becomes the sweet-spot.


Speaker Art

Flat panel speaker technology has seen major advances over the last couple of years. Our new range of high powered transducers produce significant output levels with a full-spectrum frequency response and when we combine these with our special acoustic sounding board we end up with amazing results. Pro Display now manufactures a range of Art Speakers, covered with either a choice of contemporary designer images or your client’s own artwork, to blend with any environment, offering them a piece of art and sound speaker combined.

These speakers will fill unusually large areas with clean and clear non-directional sound due to their surprising dispersion characteristics, whilst their decorative appearance and flat construction allows them to be used in visually sensitive situations, making them become an integral part of the room’s décor.



Slimline canvas art wall speaker

Receptions & waiting rooms

Invisible non directional sound source

Boardrooms & meeting rooms

Choose from a range of artwork or your own design

Hotels, bars & restaurants

Maximum power: 40 watts RMS (each speaker)

Retail stores & showrooms

Impedance: 8 ohms

Public lounges & art galleries

Custom shapes & sizes available

Homes & interiors


Standard Speaker Art Sizes

Speaker Size

Single Speaker / Pair of Speakers

600mm x 200mm✔✔

350mm x 350mm✔✔

815mm x 375mm✔✔

600mm x 600mm✔✔


See our Art Speaker Spec sheet